Independence Day, aka The 4th of July, has always been my favorite holiday.  Even as a kid the sparkly packages of Christmas couldn’t compete with this summer baby’s love for the pop, boom, and sizzle of the bright fireworks in the sky.  In the day’s leading up to the holiday we would attend the annual fireman’s carnival, where dinner was fried dough smothered in cinnamon and powdered sugar, and my dare devil of a father rode all the scary rides, spinning us like a top on The Zipper.  At the end of the night we would sit on the top of the car to watch the fireworks over the lake, where their beauty was intensified as they were reflected off the water.  On the actual holiday we gathered at my aunt’s cottage for a family picnic and a seemingly endless day of swimming and fishing and night filled with a campfire, toasted marshmallows, and more of those breathtaking fireworks.


As an adult I still love this holiday, and fireworks still fill me with excitement and make my heart race.  I have begun to think of a different Independence Day though.  My retirement day is my new Independence Day.  If you haven’t figured it out already, I’m very big on planning.  But to start planning, you must first have a dream, or at least an idea of what your end goal is.  According to a recent report by the investment manager Capital Group, envisioning your retirement could motivate you to save one third more than you normally would.

So as you have a little extra time this week with the Independence Day holiday, imagine what you would like your own personal Independence Day to look like.


Will you :


Spend more time with grandchildren?

Relocate to a warmer climate?

Devote your time to causes important to you?


Whatever your Independence Day dream, take a little time to actually think about what you would like your retirement to look like.  Once you allow yourself to dream we can begin making plans to turn that dream into a reality!


Happy Independence Day!


Independence Day