Hopefully over the last month you have sat down to figure out your spending plan.  If you need to re-read that blog post as a refresher you can do so here .  Go ahead, I’ll wait… If there wasn’t enough wiggle room to get that savings portion of your spending plan going because your current bills are too high I started you out with some ideas to reduce your bills here .   But what if you can’t reduce your spending any further, you have tried every wacky way out there to save money , and there still isn’t anything extra?  You need to find yourself a side hustle!  No I’m not telling you to find the nearest pool hall and turn into the next Paul Newman.  I’m talking about the new viral term for a side gig.

There are so many ways out there that people can earn some extra cash.  What are you good at?  Do you have skills you can promote as a service in your free time?  Are there unique talents you have that could be turned into a little money maker on the weekend?  There are 3 main categories side hustles fall into.




Who hasn’t heard of Uber or Lyft these days?  Sign up to be a driver on a Saturday night and make a few extra bucks giving rides home from the bar.  There are also meal delivery services such as Door Dash if you don’t want stranger danger in your vehicle.


Maybe you lettered in sports in high school and know a little bit about technique.  Search your locals schools websites to see if they are offering any coaching jobs.


There are also services you could perform online such as proofreading, freelance writing etc.  Get creative, chances are there is a special niche out there you can fill.




I have a well-traveled friend that stays at Airbnb’s almost exclusively.  These aren’t traditional bed and breakfast establishments, but normal everyday people, renting out an extra space in their home or apartment.  List your extra space and even if you don’t live in typical travel destination you could still get people coming to town for weddings etc.


Maybe you own expensive tools or equipment that others want to use, but not necessarily buy, for themselves.  Make a few extra bucks while you aren’t using them by renting them out to others.  Just make sure you have an agreement in writing in case something is broken.

If you have a large and or beautiful space, whether out doors or in, consider renting it out for events.  Perhaps your land would make the perfect back drop for a photographer to stage photo shoots for example.  Again get creative!



Are you an artisan or crafter?  Why not sell some of your creations.  You don’t necessarily have to set up at craft fairs every weekend for your entire summer.  Check out Etsy or other sites where you can sell your creations online for small fees.

I know many people that make an entire living by creating a business with a multi-level-marketing company.  I’m not talking about pyramid schemes, which you should definitely avoid!  I am a customer of friends who sell anything from make-up to kitchen supplies.  I would rather support them than a big box store, and most of the time what they sell is of much higher quality.  Just do your homework on the companies you may be looking into and make sure you can stand behind their product.

Have a bunch of things you want to get rid of?  Check out the cost to set up at your local flea market.  This is something you could do more often than a yard sale as most run every Saturday or Sunday.


The sky is the limit with side hustling.  Search for more ideas at two of my favorite sites SideHusl and Side Hustle Nation .  Get to hustlin’ and creating that extra income to pad your savings!


Every day I’m hustlin’