Baron Von Steuben


Investments & Mutual Funds

MUTUAL FUNDS Our office in Hornell, NY provides access to over 150 mutual fund families offering thousands of individual mutual fund choices. These cover a broad array of investment styles and diversification to best manage your retirement planning or individual needs.

ADVISORY ACCOUNTS We offer several fee-for-services investment accounts which are directly managed locally in the Hornell, NY office. Advisory accounts provide investment access to no-load mutual funds and load-waived mutual funds. Advisory accounts can provide hands-on management for your retirement planning needs as well as for individual investment.

STOCKS & BONDS We provide full service for brokerage accounts and assist our clients with the buying and selling of individual securities. All trading transactions are performed in the Hornell, NY office by securities licensed representatives.

VARIABLE ANNUITIES We work with several variable annuity companies that offer living income benefits that are excellent tools for retirement planning. These products are also used by clients who need to defer income taxation.

FIXED ANNUITIES Complement your retirement planning by investing in a long-term fixed interest rate vehicle that provides a steady and dependable stream of income.

REAL ESTATE INVESTMENT TRUSTS (REITs) We offer several programs with investment potential for income, growth and preferential tax treatment.

Retirement Planning

TRADITIONAL AND ROTH IRA's We can help you sift through the many funding options and determine whether a pre-tax or post-tax contribution is most beneficial.

IRA ROLL-OVER Transfer your employer sponsored retirement plan to an investment account that you control when you are qualified to take a distribution.

SIMPLE IRA, SEP IRA, 401(K) Plans Start a new company sponsored retirement plan or transfer an existing one. We can walk you through these various options.

INSURANCE PLANNING We can help you to calculate the right amount and type of life insurance, disability insurance or long term care insurance that you need.

College Planning

Learn about the advantages and drawbacks of some of the best known funding platforms like the Section 529 Plan and the UTMA ownership designation.